Bountiful Utah Real Estate

Located in Davis County, Utah, Bountiful is known for it's laid-back and family oriented lifestyles. As of the 2004 census, the city had a population of 41,173, a small decrease from 2000, which was 41,301. Although there have been slight decreases, the city of Bountiful has grown rapidly since the late 1960s.

Although Bountiful is not technically in the same metropolitan area as Salt Lake City, it is often considered an adjoining city to the community of Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Many residents who work in Salt Lake choose Bountiful simply because of its lower home costs. These benefits might be considered small when it is understood that the Commuters have frequent traffic bottlenecks between Davis and Salt Lake Counties, but in actuality, the building of the Legacy Highway and commuter rail projects have eased the problems, making Bountiful an excellent place to begin your new life, or to continue your old one.

Other features of Bountiful include the following: The original portion of the city and downtown are located at the base of the Wasatch Range, which rises high to the east, overlooking the city. Most of the residential neighborhoods climb high up the slopes of the mountain. To the west lies a flatland that extends to the Great Salt Lake and the mudflats and marshes that border it. For more information concerning Bountiful, please contact Osmond Real Estate.